Security Systems

The security specialists at JSC Systems are on the leading edge of technology and ready to help outfit your facility with the right technological solution for your building or facility. A JSC Systems security system leverages the latest technology to help protect your personnel, patrons, property and products.


JSC Systems delivers a wide range of products and technology to give our clients the best in high-technology security and protection, including:

  • Security systems
  • Card access control
  • Building Automation Interface
  • Fire alarm systems
  • CCTV & IP video surveillance


These are some of the benefits you can expect from JSC Systems-installed and service security technology:

  • Intrusion alarms to protect against burglary and vandalism.
  • Access control to make sure that only the right people get into your building, especially after hours.
  • Event logs track employee’s time spent at the office and after-hour access.
  • Manage visitor access.
  • Reduce the costs of changing locks and keys.
  • Video surveillance acts as a deterrent, in addition to being a powerful evidence collection tool.
  • IP video surveillance allows greater versatility in security monitoring technology.



We meet national, state and local codes when designing your system, giving you comfort to know your fire detection and alarm meets the highest standards.  JSC Systems has service offerings for any facility, including: Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, Industrial, Multi-Family, Religious and Correctional.

Providing our clients the best in high-technology security and protection.