Preventing False Fire Alarms In The Workplace

Preventing False Fire Alarms In The Workplace

How can I stop my automatic fire alarm system going off by mistake?

A few simple rules, along with normal good housekeeping practices, can help to keep false fire alarm activations to a minimum.

During routine testing:

  • if the fire alarm system is connected to a 112 or 999 automatic dialing unit, transmission for the alarm should be prevented (for instance by disconnection) before the routine test is carried out, since under normal conditions 112 or 999 test calls are not permitted
  • where transmission of signals to a remote manned centre is installed and the transmission of this signal is to be prevented during the test, a visual indication of their state should be given at the control equipment.  If the link to the remote manned centre is to be used during the test then it is essential to notify the centre before undertaking the test
  • the occupants of the premises should be notified of any test of the system that may result in the sounders being operated, and ideally again once the test has been completed

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