Building Reports

We provide high quality Building Reports to clients, building owners, managers and others who require detailed reports on the state of the low voltage electronic or emergency communication system installed in their facility.


The top-quality reports from JSC Systems provide our customers with timely and accurate accounting of their fire alarm system inspections and other critical systems.


Our reports are available online for your convenience and will give managers and security personnel up-to-date information about the reliability, condition and maintenance of their system.


Features & Benefits of JSC Systems Building Reports:

  • Maintains compliance with state and local regulatory standards
  • Accurate and verifiable reports of fire alarm testing and inspection findings
  • Comprehensive fire alarm testing and inspection is assured
  • Immediate access to inspection data by the customer and/or their designee
  • Use any standard internet browser
  • In cooperation with state and local agencies, authorities having jurisdiction can be granted access to inspection data for compliance verification
  • Data is guaranteed to be secure
  • Archived history of previous inspection reports
  • Notification of manufacturer recalls
  • Continuously updated with current state and NFPA code changes


Additionally, JSC Systems offers a full range of service and support, including:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Fire Alarm Test and Inspection Contracts
  • Monitoring Agreements
  • Full Service Agreements
For clients, building owners, and managers and others who require detailed reports on the state of their low voltage systems.