Testing and Maintaining Your Automatic Fire Alarm System

Testing and Maintaining Your Automatic Fire Alarm System

To ensure reliability an agreement should be made with manufacturers, suppliers or other competent contractors for regular servicing. The name and telephone number of the servicing organisation should be prominently displayed by the indicating equipment.

It is the responsibility of the occupier of the premises to ensure that proper instructions are obtained from the supplier or installer regarding routine attention and test procedures. The following is a general guide to the routine to be adopted to ensure the continued good operation of the system.

The routine may vary with the use of the premises.  For example, equipment installed in corrosive or dirty environmental conditions will need to be checked more thoroughly and at more frequent intervals than in clean and dry situations. In such instances, the recommendations of the supplier or installer should be followed.

Daily attention by the user

A check should be made every day to ascertain that:

  • the panel indicates normal operation.  If not, that any fault indicated is recorded and is receiving urgent attention
  • any fault warning recorded the previous day has received attention

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