Buildings Most at Risk of Fire Outbreak

Buildings Most at Risk of Fire Outbreak

Protecting your home or business from fire is absolutely essential. Fire risk assessments are crucial. Have a look at which environments are most at risk from fire.

Homes with Multiple Rental Properties and Occupants

Houses or apartment buildings that have multiple rentals with many occupants present a high threat of fire outbreak. This is because the more people dwelling within a building, the more electrical equipment there is and there is a greater risk of faulty wiring. If people are sharing electrical equipment, they are also less likely to inspect those items because they aren’t responsible for replacing them. Landlords must keep these buildings up to code and ensure there are enough emergency exits in the event of a fire. There must be alarms installed in every dwelling space and communal areas as well.

Restaurants And Other Business That Prepare Food

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that restaurants and businesses that are involved in food preparation are more at risk of fire outbreaks.  At restaurants specifically when things are fast-paced human error can easily occur. There should always be fire safety measures taken at restaurants to train staff on how to prevent a potential disaster. There must also always be fire extinguishers in place so that staff can take on a fire and control it before it grows and gets out of control. All kitchens in these kinds of establishments should have wet chemical fire extinguishers installed as well as they are specifically made to extinguish kitchen fires.

Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs are buildings that have a greater risk of fire due to the fact that they usually house a large number of people at the same time within a small space. At clubs, people tend to smoke even with no smoking laws in place. Both types of places also have large amounts of alcohol being consumed, increasing the incidence of negligence. There should always be designated exits for emergency evacuation in case of a fire outbreak. Exits should be clearly marked and staff should be trained in the event of an emergency to ensure everyone’s safety.

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