In order to deliver the best quality healthcare services, your team of doctors, nurses and care providers will need to have an open, reliable, easy to use line of communication with patients. The state-of-the-art nurse call systems provided by JSC Systems will keep patients and medical providers in constant communication. Plus, JSC Systems also provide top security system technology that can help to secure and control any facility.



JSC Systems provides a full variety of nurse call systems, from simple light and tone system to fully-integrated systems. Wireless nurse call systems provide even more flexibility for healthcare providers. Our system features include:

  • Two-way digital audio communications between patient’s rooms and the nurse’s station.
  • Full integration with existing facility communication systems and healthcare enterprise IT systems.
  • Improve patient safety and efficiency with real-time staff locating benefits like direct staff-to-staff communication, patient-to-staff communication, automatic alarm suppression and call cancellation.
  • Streamline communications to better connect patients, caregivers, beds and IT systems, turning real-time data into action at the point-of-care.
  • Reliability and ease of use creates better results that help improve patient satisfaction.




Security is another crucial concern at all healthcare facilities. JSC Systems provides top security system technology to prevent unauthorized access, protect valuable assets and supplies and provide patients with a higher level of protection.


Managers will be able to handle any emergency with a responsive, versatile intercom or PA system. We also design and install fire alarm systems that meet the highest safety standards. Our security system features include:

  • Intrusion alarms to protect against burglary and vandalism.
  • Access control to make sure that only the right people get into your building, especially after hours.
  • Event logs tracks employee’s time spent at the office and after-hour access.
  • Manage visitor access.
  • Reduce the costs of changing locks and keys.
  • Video surveillance acts as a deterrent, in addition to being a powerful evidence collection tool.
  • A JSC Systems security system leverages the latest technology to help protect your personnel, patrons, property and products.
  • IP video surveillance allows greater versatility in security monitoring technology.
Proving state-of-the-art nurse call systems for patients and medical providers.