CareHawk Systems Watch Over Schools, Hospitals

CareHawk Systems Watch Over Schools, Hospitals

It’s an advanced communications system that can take care of a school’s day-to-day needs, from monitoring entrances to playing music to signaling class changes.

But in an emergency — whether it’s a severe storm or an armed intruder — it could mean the difference between life and death.

The CareHawk systems, built in Kitchener, are equally suited to address the life safety communications requirements of health care facilities, correctional institutions and industrial plants.

“The core system is all the same, hardware-wise,” said CareHawk Inc.president Wayne Hartill. “We get good economies of scale on what we’re doing.”

The systems are manufactured at CareHawk’s 7,000-square-foot facility on Hanson Avenue. The firm employs 14 people here, with another five people in a Florida office handling U.S. sales and marketing.

The user-friendly systems have also been adapted for a host of other unique applications, such as providing cybersecurity for gas wellheads across Pennsylvania.

But most of the systems they’re selling right now are for schools, and their biggest market is the United States, which has experienced a disturbing proliferation of school shootings in recent years.

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