Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Specialists at JSC Systems Install Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

A great deal of time and money goes into operating a business. That investment needs to be protected with a monitored fire alarm from JSC Systems. It offers peace of mind knowing that the building, the items inside, and the occupants are being taken care of 24 hours a day.

A Safe Choice

A commercial building needs 24/7 monitoring to keep it safe from fire and smoke damage. Professional monitoring systems are designed to save lives. This is the number one priority of both the business and the JSC Systems.


The second priority is to protect the interior assets and the structure. A commercial fire alarm monitoring system is the best way to accomplish these goals. In the case of an actual emergency, the fire department and individuals on the contact list are notified.

Fast Response

The system is activated when the monitored smoke detector sends out a signal. It is capable of detecting:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Carbon Monoxide

A fast response is essential in preventing or minimizing damage. If there are people in the building, they will be notified quickly, allowing them time to implement the exit plans.

Technological Advances

New technological advances have allowed businesses to protect their investment. State-of-the-art monitoring can control doors, elevators, dampers, and HVAC systems. This makes a big difference when emergency responders arrive at the scene.

Largest Provider

One of the largest providers of commercial fire alarm monitoring systems in the Southeast and Florida area is JSC Systems. Their professionally trained staff has been helping customers since their foray into the business in 1969. They specialize in both large and small businesses that are looking for extra protection.

High Standards

JSC Systems meets and exceeds the highest standards within the industry. They adhere to all state, national, and local codes for fire alarm systems. Each monitoring system can be customized to meet the needs of the business based on its own individual requirements. With the help of JSC Systems, businesses can take control of their safety concerns and sleep better at night knowing that their company and building is in capable hands.