Computer Fire and Egress Modeling

Computer Fire and Egress Modeling

Fire protection is perhaps the single most important thing any business should consider. Today’s systems are designed to protect people and property. They are engineered specifically for each individual building and can be customized to maximize safety measures.

The Future is Now

Modern technology has taken fire safety to a whole new level. Computer fire and egress modeling is capable of helping older buildings and new construction meet current city, state, and federal codes. This provides businesses with a cost-effective fire protection solution.

Tools of the Trade

Computer analysis of a building reveals hidden facts about how fire and smoke travels. The analysis offers insights into:

  • Fire development
  • Protection
  • Response
  • Evacuation routes

This is done by using software that examines each part of the building and its design.

Egress Modeling

The use of egress modeling has become the standard within the industry. It is the way professionals are able to study floor plans and determine the distance to the exits. Builders and architects need this information for remodels or new construction.

Simulation Software

Simulating live situations alerts designers and builders to any potential problems if a fire were to occur. This software can use different scenarios to determine how long it would take people to move towards an exit in case of an emergency. Video animations can be made to depict the building and the process.

Smoke Control

Smoke inhalation is one of the deadliest parts of a fire. Protecting the occupants from the smoke is one of the top priorities. Computer fire modeling is available to predict where and how fast the smoke will travel inside a building.


JSC Systems is a full-service business that has been in operation since 1969. They are a company that specializes in life safety, security, sound, and communication systems. Their team of experts helps customers to achieve the best protection possible by using up to date technological advances.

Businesses Big or Small

Any size business owner will benefit from a consultation with one of the JSC Systems professionals. They can recommend the right course of action needed to ensure a safe working environment.