Horns and Strobe Lights

Horns and Strobe Lights

Fire alarms are designed to save lives and protect property. They are used in homes and businesses around the world. An alarm is an integral part of any fire protection system because it is the first line of defense for the occupants.

Bells Were Ringing

The 1980’s brought into focus the need for loud fire alarms. These were known throughout the fire safety industry as eighties bells. This method often had to be triggered manually and had limitations.

New Technology

Technology has changed fire alarms for the better. The electronic systems of today allow for a larger alert area. The integrated alarms include:

  • Electronic horns
  • Full building warnings
  • Strobe lights

Visible Signals

Strobe lights have become the standard because of their visibility. It was apparent that bells alone were not enough. There also needed to be a visual notification of a fire to help the hearing impaired. It is a way to get everyone’s attention quickly.

Bright Lights

A smoke filled environment makes sight difficult. It is important for people to be able to see during an emergency. Today’s lenses are clear, allowing for a crisper light dispersion.

Meeting Code Requirements

Fire alarms must meet certain requirements that are designated by regulatory codes. The NTPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code provides rules for:

  • Installation
  • Inspections
  • Testing


Horns must meet a certain decibel rating to meet code. There are several factors that must be considered such as square footage of the building, construction materials, type of doors, and the number of floors. The installer needs to know all this information before finalizing the placement and programming.

JSC Systems

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