Increasing Resident and Staff Satisfaction in Skilled Care Facilities

Increasing Resident and Staff Satisfaction in Skilled Care Facilities

skilled-care-happinessResident engagement starts with clear communication and frequent contact with caregivers.  When residents place a call on a nurse call system, it relays information to caregivers about the needs of the resident. Different stations place different types of calls such as “routine”, “bath”, or “emergency”, to let staff know the urgency of the call while intercom communication lets residents relay their specific needs to caregivers before the caregiver comes to the resident’s location.

Provider Nurse Call Systems use the latest technology giving clear communications, alerting, reporting, and step-saving solutions for the entire facility.  By integrating with wireless devices carried by staff, such as wireless phones and pocket pagers, patient calls are relayed instantly to caregivers located anywhere within the facility.  Wireless notification reduces disruptive overhead pages previously used to locate staff and direct them to residents in need.  Wireless notification also keeps caregivers mobile and aware of their resident’s needs while reducing wasted steps back and forth to the nursing station. Giving residents direct alerting/communication with their caregivers keeps staff on the floor and keeps the facility quieter leading to both increased resident and staff satisfaction.

In addition to wireless notification, resident calls alert staff through call tones and indicators at the Nurse Console, Duty Stations, and at the Dome Light outside the resident’s room. To provide streamlined alerting and workflow, the Nurse Call components are located in key staff areas and locations where staff interact with residents.

Some applications of nurse call to improve response to routine and critical events include:

  • Devices such as ventilators and bed exit can alarm through the nurse call and to the wireless devices carried by staff. This integrated alarming keeps doors closed for a quiet environment while quickly alerting staff to alarm conditions.
  • Points of egress can be monitored for wandering patients and alarm through nurse call to quickly alert staff.
  • Team-based caregiver-to-resident assignments will re-route alerts or calls to back up team members when the primary caregiver is occupied; no call goes unanswered.
  • Wireless call pendants keep residents mobile while always being able to place a call for assistance or an emergency.

Another tool for resident satisfaction is documenting call activity and response time to calls. Jeron’s Provider Nurse Call logging and reporting software provides a clear picture of how quickly staff respond to resident calls which affects resident satisfaction and highlights staffing bottlenecks.  Reports include call activity/response, resident activity, and staff coverage.

Provider Nurse Call gives facilities the tools to positively affect both staff and resident satisfaction through fast alerting and response to resident calls and reducing unnecessary steps allowing more direct staff to resident interaction.