Jeron Nurse Call Systems

Jeron Nurse Call Systems

Jeron’s extensive family of nurse call systems meet the alerting and communication needs of healthcare facilities including acute care hospitals, skilled care and nursing home facilities, assisted living and long-term care facilities, and clinics.

Provider 790 Nurse Call
Provider 790 is a Voice over IP nurse call system with full duplex digital audio communication throughout. The system utilizes an Ethernet backbone for a truly networked system with a distributed architecture supporting centralized call answering, swing rooms, centralized code display, and day/night transfer of calls between units. Provider 790 readily supports the most popular integrations including wireless phones, pocket page notification, real-time locating, ADT patient information display, and enterprise-wide activity logging and reporting.

Provider 680 Nurse Call
Provider 680 is a flexible nurse call system that scales to meet the vast needs of skilled care and acute care facilities. Multiple Provider 680 systems can network together for a facility-wide solution integrated with wireless phones and pagers, real-time locating systems, ADT software applications, centralized code blue notification, and enterprise administrative reporting.

Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call
For a single nursing unit through to an entire facility that only needs nurse call alerting without audio communications, Provider 680 can be configured as a tone-visual system. The cost-effective Provider 680 Tone-Visual system readily integrates with other networked Provider 680 systems for a unified facility-wide solution.

Pro-Alert 610 Nurse Call
Pro-Alert 610 is designed for facilities that need the most basic nurse and emergency call notification such as nursing homes, clinics, and small medical facilities. The multiplexed wiring design keeps installation costs to a minimum while providing a highly robust platform for years of trouble-free operation.