Long Term Care Systems for Residents

Long Term Care Systems for Residents

Senior Alert System

Senior alert systems have been created to keep elderly residents safe in certain environments. These environments mainly include nursing homes and assisted living homes. The systems are used to contact help in case of an emergency.

The systems are convenient and easy to use. If an elderly person has a fall, they can call for assistance with just a push of a button. Buttons can also be used for health problems or any other type of problem that may occur.


When caring for elderly residents, it is imperative that communication is always fast and efficient. This is especially important when the resident is being cared for in a long-term care facility. The managers/caretakers of the facility should purchase a system that is dependable for nurses to respond to residents, especially in the case of an emergency. Residents should feel empowered and independent while living in their centers.

Nurse Assistance

Senior alert systems are not only helpful for residents, they are also helpful to the nurses that work with them. Every time there is an incident, the incident gets recorded in a system. This makes it easy for nurses to follow up with doctors about how the residents are doing with their health.

Systems also come with different light indicators that are placed on the door of the patients. Nurses can easily tell from the outside of the room which room has a resident, who is getting a treatment, or who is having an emergency. This is a great way to improve the flow of the patients in the building.

JSC Systems

When clients choose to use JSC Systems, they are ensuring the best care for their patients. The company offers around the clock support. Every client is guaranteed 24-hour service that includes inspections, maintenance of the system, and any additional support.

The company also offers custom installations. Every installation and placement will be suited to meet the personal needs of the client. The company provides different benefits such as:

– System Maintenance
– Full-Service Agreements
– Around the Clock Service

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