Security Lights and Timers

Security Lights and Timers

Making the World a Safer Place

Security lights around the home are an affordable way to discourage criminals. Studies have shown that the right lighting decreases the chance of theft. The intended purpose of security lights and timers is to provide a safer environment during the night time hours.

Preventing Accidents

Outdoor lighting provides illumination for homeowners and visitors who arrive after dark. Tripping accidents can happen because of the lack of visibility on walkways. Providing a lighted path is a great way to add security and safety.

Modern Times

There are many security light options on the market today such as:

  • Motion-activated
  • Halogen
  • Solar
  • Fluorescent
  • High-Intensity Discharge

Each of these lights has its advantages but the decision on which one to use depends on the location.

Outside Safety

Motion-activated lights are a great way to save energy because they only go off when needed. This is an option for people who work late on a regular basis. These lights take the guesswork out of lighting and can be used both inside and outside.

Larger Areas

Large spaces need more illumination, and High-Intensity Discharge lighting is the answer. They are very efficient and have a long life expectancy. Halogen lights and Fluorescents are also good for this type of application.

Let the Light Shine

Solar lights are the wave of the future. The sun charges it during the day and they keep the grounds flooded with light at night. The energy savings helps pay for the investment over time.

Always Efficient with a Timer

Timers are an essential part of any security system. Lights and other systems can be set to a timer to reduce costs while providing the necessary functionality.

JSC Systems

Businesses turn to JSC Systems for all of their security needs. The company began operating in 1969 and has since become one of the top sellers across the Southeast. Their professionally trained staff is able to offer advice and do an on-site assessment. JSC Systems is an all-encompassing company that people depend on for their security needs.